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In Turkey, a Geogaphic Indicator is protected under Law number 6769 of Industrial Properties. According to the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, Article 33, products of food, agriculture, mining, handcrafts that are made up of naturally and sometimes added with human efforts, and also industrial products providing that they are appropriate according to the guidelines and registered properly.

A geographical indicator serves as a powerful shield over the regional wealthiness such as local products and works of art in a country. Along with protecting the geographical indicators, however, it is also highly important to earn revenues, name and reputation for the region that owns a geographical indicator and operating it.

Markiz Patent provides consultancy services for earning revenues from geographical indicators and also developing strategies along with preparing regulations, filing applications and tracking application procedures.

Integrated circuit protection is concerned with the protection of the designs of semiconductors (microchips). The law for protection of integrated circuits in Turkey is law nr. 5147 of 2004 date for protection of integrated circuit topographies.

Integrated circuits are not much favorable because there isn't a developing or progressive industry in Turkey. However, the protection of applications from abroad to Turkey is important.

The purpose of this Law is to ensure the protection of integrated circuit topographies in accordance with the provisions of this law and to create a competitive environment in this field and in this industry.

The law defines principles, rules and conditions for the protection of registered integrated topographies. The protection provided for integrated circuit topographies under this law does not constitute an obstacle for beneficiaries to enjoy the protection provided by other laws.

In terms of the same,

  1. Integrated Circuit stands for a product in intermediate or final form that contains at least one active element and is designed to perform an electronic function or other similar functions in which some or all of its interconnections are mounted within and / or on a part.

  2. Integrated Circuit Topography stands for A series of images fixed in any format that shows the three-dimensional sequence of the layers that make up the integrated circuit and prepared for the production and display of the whole or part of the surface of the integrated circuit at any stage of production

Markiz Patent Attorneys provides consultancy and attorneyship services for integrated circuit topographies that will be manufactured and/or protected in Turkish territories.

Unlike industrial properties, copyrights do not require an official application for protection. Works that are protected under the Law of Intellectual and Artistic Works benefit from natural protection from the moment the work is created. Although copyright protection is not required to be officially registered, it is possible to take some actions in order to protect royalty rights and especially to identify and register their holders for easily proving purposes. This is usually done in the form of optional records and registering at notary upon request.

In Turkey, copyrights are protected under Law No. 5846 of Intellectual and Artistic Works (Copyright Act) which was amended with the law No. 5101 in the year 2004. Protection period covers the life of the creator plus 70 years after his/her death.

Registration On-Demand is a process that provides easy identification of the person or persons who created the work, and it is carried out on demand. This process is carried out by the Ministry of Culture. This process is based on declaration and does not play any rights-generating role. Ideas cannot be saved in their abstract form, but it is possible to save them only if they are embodied and formalized (turning them into a form of work).

As a result of an application for registration-on-demand, the applicant is given a document containing information about the author and the work in accordance with the procedure.

In the event the work which is registered upon demand becomes subject to a law suit and if the court requests, a copy of the registration certificate and any other documents that are submitted for application are submitted to the court through the General Directorate of Copyrights of the Ministry of Culture.

On the other hand, certificates on rights’ ownership issued and/or verified by Notary Public offices may also be counted as a proof that the person/persons is/are the creator of the given work and that all royalties and any other rights connected with the same belong to the person/persons.

Markiz Patent provides direct consultancy services on copyrights.

Since software products are deemed as “works” in many countries of the world including Turkey, rights pertaining software products are protected under Law No. 5846 of Intellectual and Artistic Works (Copyright Act) which was amended with the law No. 5101 in the year 2004. Protection of copyrights of software products supplies a preventive measure against duplicating of the same. With that, if the respective program includes a technical feature, such as the logic or method of audio and video compression programs, known in the market as ‘MP3’ or ‘mp4’, it may be taken behind protection shield under Law No. 6769 of Industrial Properties as a method (business method) or the European patent agreement. Such computer programs may also be protected by patent rights, provided they can create innovation and superiority along with the electronic hardware and computer programs of this hardware.

Markiz Patent has vast experience and expertise in patent registering of software products, especially those that include technical innovation and superiority, in Turkey, European and American countries.

In Turkey, plant species are protected under law number 5042 that is adopted in 2004 and related with protection of plant breeders’ rights. In a land that is very rich in plant varieties like Turkey. The aim of the law is to build a protection shield over plant breeding works and over seeds. These registrations and records made within at the Ministry of Agriculture are especially necessary for enterprises breeding plants and developing seeds in the agricultural sector.

Markiz Patent provides consultancy services in this field.

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